Monday, 16 January 2017

A surprise flogging, update and search review

P took me by surprise this morning. I was about to plug in my laptop for a well earned recharge, when he pounced - metaphorically, not physically.

Oh, right you are then... toodles into the bedroom, strips, lays out.  It was all lovey dovey and nice. Lots of kissing and cuddling. Until he bit my bottom a bit.

We might not get round to it very often, which is a pity, but mustn't grumble when we do.

After he finished, and we disentangled ourselves. He accused me of being a naughty girl for squeezing his cock so tightly. What moi? So out came the flogger.

There is something truly sensational about that thing. The warming effects, the sting of the knots, the way it drapes down your back, in the crevices, tickling, then swoosh, back down with a thwack on the arse. It's the one implement that I don't want to switch off, even when my butt is on fire and the knots are kicking in. 

So, yeah, we're still at it occasionally.

As for JP, she's still writing too. Given the dollar/pound exchange, it makes sense to keep going as my royalties are mostly in dollars. I've a couple more books written, then another possible one. Plus, Jason and Gemma need working on and finishing off. They're very demanding those two.

In the meantime, my annual search term review is due - this is for my author blog, not this one. All these phrases were used to retrieve my blog. This is a small percentage, most search terms are listed as unknown.

spank her gently tumblr - spanking gently and tumblr?  Probably not, try spanking hard and tumblr

bride learns to spank - shouldn't that be learn to spank the bride.

cane bend thin skirt - concise and mean, poor girl.

"her husband" spanking "her bottom" - precise, although technically the hers could belong to different people.

pull your skirt up for the cane - knees wobble

i got a spanking for christmas - you lucky person, I didn't.

the tingle of the tawse - sounds poetic, but I don't think it tingles much. 

forceably spanking women stories free -  My women submit.

want a good girl spanking - don't we all?

spanking naked spaceship - made me laugh, never heard of a naked spaceship. 

wife always wears high heels for her spanking - does she? And what else does she wear? - Incidently high heels comes up quite a bit as my most popular spanking short story features high heels.... and a spanking bench.

"once her panties are down" - things will happen probably.

master cane a new member of the club on bare bottoms in the shop stories  - not asking for much here with this, just a whole book.

the swish of the cane - it does indeed, then it hurts.


  1. Well, a very nice little present for you. I could see the smile on your face as I read, DF. Your description of that implement had me drooling. Still have never used a flogger. I did request leather for Christmas, but got Fanny Fiddlers instead. Not complaining, though.

    Hugs Across the Pond,

  2. Hi DF, Oh a nice interlude to let you know you are still alive and kicking! Lets hope 2017 brings a few more.
    love Jan, xx

  3. Nice surprise - Hope things pick up here too. Good luck.

  4. Ah..the flogger, we share a love of it. Here's hoping that in 2017 we both see more of it.
    hugs abby

  5. Hi DF, very nice surprise, glad there is some spanky action and hope the flogger makes more regular appearances for you this year.

    Sounds like you have been busy writing, looking forward to reading more :) It's always funny seeing the searches that bring people to your blog, and your comments just add to it.


  6. That was a nice surprise - glad you're getting some action!
    Rosie xx

  7. Nice surprise for you, DF. The search terms crack me up...haven't looked at mine for a while...reminds me I'll have to look again. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  8. Hi DF, this sounds like a great time you had, and I hope there'll be lots of these in 2017. Can't wait for the books, and loved the search terms.



  9. Oh boy I want to try a flogger! Lucky you!
    I guess I never looked up how people find my blog.... I'll need to figure that out!

  10. glad you had such a lovely time...hope you have many more... :-) Hugs

  11. And all these search words ended their way at your blog. How wonderful. I think the guy with stories free is Dutch. They all want things for free.

    Freedom they already have,


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